About Us

ImpactAfya Ltd is a Corporate Wellness Solutions Provider, based in Dar es Salaam. We aim at changing the equation where health is something thought about and practiced by running to the doctor’s office, to one where health is practiced daily through small lifestyle habits. This proactive stance towards health enhances organization productivity, performance, which are essential for business development and sustainability and overall economic development.

Our cross sectional team consists of an Endocrine/Exercise Physiologist, Fitness Therapist, Dietician/Nutritonist, Senior Nursing officers with specializations in MCH, Critical Care and Mental Health, Experienced Practitioners in Hydrotherapy, Pilates , Yoga, Tai Chi


Our Approach

Achieving good health is not complicated and can be easily attained by consciously changing sedentary lifestyle habits. We pay special attention to prevention, early detection and provide individual, aggregate health assessment reports for your workforce.

We partner with you to carefully align the objective of health and well being into the organization’s culture. This partnership brings about an overall transformation, resulting in a highly productive team of people.
Our approach helps employees achieve their individual wellness goals. This benefits your organization, helps reduce health costs and control insurance costs.
Our professional wellness coaches work with your employees on a one-on-one basis to understand their wellness needs. We identify, evaluate and target health risks to implement a holistic wellness program for your workforce.