Drug Abuse

Is It Stress, Anxiety or Depression? (The Guardian 24/10/2017)

Although anxiety, depression and work-related stress can be connected, they are different things. It is important to recognize that anxiety and depression are clinical health conditions, while stress is not. The World Health Organization defines work-related stress as: “The reaction people may have when presented with work demands and pressures that are not matched to their knowledge and abilities and

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Mental Health at Workplaces (As published in The Guardian of 30/08/2016)

Last week, one of the leading newspaper reported that a lady in Arusha, set her own house on fire due to a dispute with her husband and when caught and imprisoned, committed suicide. In addition, I have been alarmed by cases of mental disorders over the past few weeks within my professional network, which has prompted this article. The most

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Discussing “Substance abuse and remedial actions” with Interact Club at HOPAC, Dar es Salaam

What an incredible experience speaking to Interact Club at the Heaven of Peace Academy – a group of really switched on young people who have internalized the true Rotary spirit, eager to help. we discussed what is drug abuse, how does one become addictive, what are drug personalities, what are the remedial measures and the issues around demand and supply.

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