Health Facility

Cancer At Work (The Guardian: 31/10/2017)

The Ocean Road Cancer Institute projects more than 44,000 new cases of cancer per year in Tanzania. Cancer is a public health concern that will increase in importance over the next decade as diagnosis and treatments become more successful and as the population ages. Concurrently, the employment status of cancer patients and survivors has an important implication for organizations and

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What has Health Got to DO with Smart Cities? (The Guardian : 29/08/2017)

Last week, I was one of the panelists on discussions around Emerging Smart Cities in East Africa and my contributions were in the context of “Smart Cities – Health = Sick Citizens”. UN projects that 70% of world’s population will be urban by 2050, with many cities having more than 10 million inhabitants. Surging growth in demand for resources will

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State of the Art Health Facility at Mapinga

ImpactAfya is project managing a State of the Art Health Facility at Mapinga Satellite City. A Center of Integrated Medicine offering primary & curative health care, Medical rehabilitation services with complementary medicine for holistic treatment is envisaged. Feasibility studies are in progress. Mapinga Housing Development is located 2 km inland from the highway towards the Indian Ocean and is about

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