What is a Culture of Wellness (The Guardian : 28/11/2017)

Last week, at the 7th Annual HR Summit 2017, organized by the IRIS Executive Development Center in Bagamoyo, I presented “Wellness and Business Sustainability” and participated in a panel discussion on “What is Culture’? There were some very interesting insights and almost 50% of the organizations present shared that they have wellness initiative/s in place at various levels. While it

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Cancer At Work (The Guardian: 31/10/2017)

The Ocean Road Cancer Institute projects more than 44,000 new cases of cancer per year in Tanzania. Cancer is a public health concern that will increase in importance over the next decade as diagnosis and treatments become more successful and as the population ages. Concurrently, the employment status of cancer patients and survivors has an important implication for organizations and

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Discussing “Substance abuse and remedial actions” with Interact Club at HOPAC, Dar es Salaam

What an incredible experience speaking to Interact Club at the Heaven of Peace Academy – a group of really switched on young people who have internalized the true Rotary spirit, eager to help. we discussed what is drug abuse, how does one become addictive, what are drug personalities, what are the remedial measures and the issues around demand and supply.

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