What is a Culture of Wellness (The Guardian : 28/11/2017)

Last week, at the 7th Annual HR Summit 2017, organized by the IRIS Executive Development Center in Bagamoyo, I presented “Wellness and Business Sustainability” and participated in a panel discussion on “What is Culture’? There were some very interesting insights and almost 50% of the organizations present shared that they have wellness initiative/s in place at various levels. While it

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Are Our Farmers Healthy? (The Guardian: 08/08/2017)

As we celebrate Nane Nane, to honor farmers’ contributions to the economy, a question we need to ask is are our farmers healthy? The agriculture sector accounts for half of the national economy. According to the World Bank, employment is agriculture sector in Tanzania was 66.9% in 2014. However, this sector experiences that highest rates of deaths and injuries and

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