Movember fundraising for mens health awareness charity message on black heart shape blackboard on blue background.


Movember and Men’s Health at Workplace (The Guardian : 14/11/2017)

Men are often known to be indifferent towards their health – many don’t talk, don’t take action and will only go the doctor when they are extremely sick – skipping preventive screenings. As a result, awareness of men’s health issues can lag significantly behind. That is where Movember – the mustache movement comes in. Movember is an annual event involving

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Diabetes and Work (The Guardian : 07/11/2017)

Diabetes is a silent disease in which many individuals become aware that they have diabetes only when they develop one or more of its life-threatening complications (Wee et al., 2002). Complications from Type 2 Diabetes include blindness, renal disease and amputation amongst others, Overweight, obesity, unhealthy diet, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and lack of

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Is Your Workplace Fit? (The Guardian -12/09/2017)

Companies institute wellness programs in the workplace based on their belief that such programs will improve employee health, reduce medical costs, increase productivity, and raise retention rates. But does your program design take into account employee attitudes regarding health and the workplace, the challenges they face in following healthy lifestyles, and the program options most likely to motivate positive change?

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Is Your Workplace Heart Healthy? (The Guardian : 05/09/2017)

World Heart Day takes place on 29 September every year with a focus on creating heart healthy environments and encouraging us all to reduce our cardiovascular risk and promote heart-health at home, work and play.   This is an excellent time to take a look at the effects of cardiovascular disease and what can be done to maintain healthy hearts. Specialists

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Women at Work (The Guardian : 18/07/2017)

According to a recent PEW Research Center analysis of labor statistics in 114 countries, women make up 40% of the workforce in more than 80 countries globally. Tanzania with 50.5% working women is amongst the top five countries with the highest female representation in the workforce. Why workplace wellness is vital to women According to a recent Mercer study titled

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The Sitting Disease – An Occupational Hazard (The Guardian – 01/03/2016)

We hope you are having a terrific Tuesday. We want to share with you a question from one of our readers, who prefers anonymity – Why would a Company invest in staff wellness? Our response is – Why would a Company not invest in staff wellness, when research after research points to tremendous benefits? To quote Harvard Business Review –

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